Sabina Maschi

was born and raised in Singapore, to an Italian father and a German mother.
This gave her the good fortune of being raised quadri-lingually  speaking French, Italian, German and English.


Her first TV job was  at Nickelodeon UK working as a runner, overseeing critical jobs like filling giant bathtubs with baked beans and casting unsuspecting children for live game shows. Her most memorable legacy to Nickelodeon viewers was development of a character she played on-air--the formidably mad German scientist Professor Wolfengakken (See Hosting section). She moved to Hong Kong where she worked as director, producer and character actor (See hosting) at Asia's leading music channel, Channel [V].  She then moved to New York where she currently resides. She has worked for various networks including MTV International, HBO, NBC and Disney.


She continues to work in production, she especially loves working in Casting; she cast for a series of comedic sketches for Film and TV payroll company Green Slate. She served as production manager for  Willem Defoe's "A Woman". Her character The Perfect Secretary (See Character page) was finalist in AMC's contest to win a walk-on part on the show.

Many of her jobs have required her language, accent and dialect skills but when not on a specific language or dialect job Sabina speaks English like a regular American.  She can be seen in  Martin Scorsese's Oscar nominated  "The Wolf of Wall Street" where she played a Swiss  Stewardess who speaks with a Swiss (German) accent to Leoardo Di Caprio and Jonah Hill. She was excited to work with Breaking Bad's Emmy nominated Mark Margolis (Héctor "Tio" Salamanca) where she plays his doctor. Other roles booked include  a Polish nanny for Law and Order, an Australian and French woman for HBO's "Katie Morgan show " (Sabina keeps her clothes on!) and numerous Italian and German voice over roles for commercials, industrials and promos. (see voice over)

 When not working in Film and TV she works as a yoga instructor.