Sabina's love of the craft, experience in hundreds of casting sessions both in front and behind the camera has given her a deep understanding for the casting process. She feels that the work between a Casting Director and an actor is a collaborative one and her intention is to create the best possible environment to put actors at ease. It is her priority to create a safe and open place for the actors in the often uncomfortable audition process. Having over a decade of experience working in Production Sabina understands the directors needs and the needs of the production. While finding a great talent that is perfect for the role is important, Sabina's strength also lies in seeing if the actors fit in with the energy of the director and production so that shooting goes as seamless as possible when it comes to the actors. Finding an actor that is professional, trustworthy and a joy to work with is something that Sabina prioritizes when casting.


Sabina feels that her work as a yoga teacher has contributed to the deep necessity in creating a safe and welcoming space for people to be able to be as open as possible in a casting session.

Sabina came into casting through friends asking them to help them cast their indie projects. Soon she garnered the attention with certain members of the Producers Guild of America which brought her to casting on a professional level. 


Her most recent projects include work with PGA member Claudine Marrotte where Sabina worked as Casting Director for a series of sketches for a film and TV payroll Green Slate

She also most recently worked for PGA member Jane Applegate as Casting Associate for the TV Pilot "Caribbean Girl NYC" to be aired on Flow in the  Caribbean and on France O.