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The gecko requested Sabina speak with an Indian accent so she happily obliged.
Sabina Geico Commercial - Indian Accent
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Character Reel
German Voice Sample

Sabina has worked as a voice over artist in London, Hong Kong and New York; specializing in German, Italian and various accents and dialects. As an Asian disguised as a white person, (born and raised in Singapore to an Italian father and German mother) Sabina often books Asian accented voice over work, most popular; an Indian dialect. Clients have included HBO, Disney, Microsoft and Neutrogena.

Sabina is also a Looper. Looping is the sound bed of productions, background noises, sound effects and in Sabina's case often other languages heard in the background of a movie or TV show. Her Looping work includes the Season Finale of THE AMERICANS, John Malkovich's CROSSBONES and Tom Hanks' INFERNO.

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