Sabina has worked as a voice over artist in London, Hong Kong and New York; specializing in German, Italian and various accents and dialects. As an Asian disguised as a white person, (born and raised in Singapore to an Italian father and German mother) Sabina often books Asian accented voice over work, most popular; an Indian dialect. Clients have included HBO, Disney, Microsoft and Neutrogena.

Sabina is also a Looper. Looping is the sound bed of productions, background noises, sound effects and in Sabina's case often other languages heard in the background of a movie or TV show. Her Looping work includes the Season Finale of THE AMERICANS, John Malkovich's CROSSBONES and Tom Hanks' INFERNO.

Check out Sabina's latest GEICO radio comercial
The gecko requested Sabina speak with an Indian accent so she happily obliged.
Sabina Geico Commercial - Indian Accent
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German Voice Sample
Health & Fitness Promo - Sabina Maschi
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Character Reel