Sabina Maschi was born and raised in Singapore where yoga and eastern medicine were an integral part of her life. While she has studied yoga at various places in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, as well as in New York – from Bikram to Iyengar to various Vinyasa flows – She found her yoga home at Abhyasa Yoga Center  in Brooklyn where she currently teaches. This studio is a hidden gem in New York  that offers some of the best therapeutic yoga in the city. Without a doubt the most effective yoga she has found to clear the chatter that can override your life. This yoga practice has helped her immensely with focus, clarity, direction in life and creating a happy and sustainable practice. Her practice often includes shiatsu based body work. 
She also volunteers as a yoga teacher to people dealing with cancer at Gilda's Club in New York . Sabina has worked as a creative professional in multiple countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Paris, London and New York. She speaks Italian, French, German and English. You can find Sabina in either a yoga studio, in a sound booth doing voice overs

or on a movie or TV set. Most recently she was cast by Martin Scorsese in the Wolf of Wall Street as the stewardess who calms down Leonardo Di Caprio and Jonah Hill. She has a knack for finding calm in the chaos!


Sabina was recently featured in Yoga blog Open/Align 



A lot of Yoga Virgins fear yoga classes, yet are intrigued by this mass movement that claims to have so many benefits. I don't blame them one bit for being deterred. Twisting yourself into a pretzel or standing on your head is not something everyone can do, nor is it something you should aspire to either. Practicing, practicing until you finally one day can do this complex pose implies that where you are in this moment is not good enough. With the Therapeutic Breath Centered Yoga that Sabina teaches, you learn to create strength with EASE doing poses that everyone can do, so you feel empowered in the moment by your unique experience rather than constantly aspiring to be somewhere else. The root of suffering is wanting to be somewhere else. If you feel out of touch with your instincts, overwhelmed, strained or just want to feel better, see Sabina's schedule to try out a class. For more info check out